Schwinn ic4 vs peloton resistance conversion

However, the high up-front cost plus the monthly subscription can be prohibitive. Schwinn's IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike claims to offer an immersive, interactive indoor cycling experience that's affordable. The Schwinn IC4 claims to offer a smooth ride with magnetic resistance, and it allows the user to stream interactive classes across several apps, including the popular Zwift and Peloton apps.

schwinn ic4 vs peloton resistance conversion

We put the Schwinn IC4 to the test with popular cycling apps to see if it could really offer everything we wanted in a home cycling workout. We tested the Schwinn IC4 among fitness enthusiasts looking for alternatives to a gym membership. Our testers consisted of runners and cyclists as well as people that previously took cross-training classes. It also included individuals that have tried the Peloton. When comparing to other exercise bikes on the market, the Schwinn IC4 stood out as the best value based on cost and advertised capabilities, which is why we were curious to put it to the test.

We tried out all its features and connected it with a variety of workout apps. Setting up the Schwinn IC4 was fairly straightforward and took less than 30 minutes. The included assembly kit included all essential parts and tools.

We attached the pedals to the frame first, followed by the handlebar post and seat post. Next, the water bottle holder and weights rack. Rather, users can set up virtually any tablet or smartphone as their interactive screen — which we liked, because it offered more versatility.

The Schwinn IC4 is a compact, sleek bike whose footprint measures only 21 by 49 inches. The bike is easy to move into a corner when it's not in use, making it highly portable.

We felt this attribute would appeal to those that intend to set up their indoor bike in small or mixed-use spaces. The bike offers resistance levels and cadence tracking, just like more expensive models. The IC4 also comes with a Bluetooth heart rate armband that syncs with the bike and other apps. A pair of three-pound dumbbells are also included for those who want to recreate their usual spin class workout.

We were impressed with the overall design of the Schwinn IC4. It's well-constructed with a high focus on rider convenience and versatility. We experienced no instances of the bike wobbling or shifting, including during periods of intense cycling. One stand-out feature of the Schwinn IC4's design is its quiet operation. It's nearly silent and is in the running for one of the quietest exercise bikes we've ever tried. Resistance: We noticed that resistance was heavier at lower levels on the Schwinn IC4 compared to other exercise bikes we've tried.

However, it didn't take long to get used to the difference, and the resistance was pretty much the same once we passed Media tray: The media tray is solid, and it secured phones and tablets without slipping. Water bottle holders: Dual water bottle holders are located directly beneath the handlebars and are angled toward the rider for easy access.Some exercise bikes have 32 levels of resistance, some have 24, and of course Peloton has How can you compare the resistance between bikes that have such different levels and measurements?

Digital levels are determined by the strength of the magnetic current opposing the flywheel. However, the table below gives a rough estimate of the resistance levels between bike brands. More levels are not necessarily better.

If you are using a digital app, but riding a bike from a different manufacturer, knowing the corresponding levels is helpful. As you get stronger, you will be able to withstand higher amounts of exertion without feeling fatigued. This is because you should always maintain a little power reserve while on the bike. Pressing too much resistance can hurt your knees and back. Running too hard up a hill can leave you out of breath and possibly dizzy.

Keep cadence at or below rpm at all times. If a bike has built-in incline and decline, the angle of the bike will affect how each resistance level feels. Currently, only the NordicTrack bikes feature incline and decline.

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This feature makes it so each resistance level has the additional variable of incline grade. Kristen Nelson. Flat Road. Road Intervals. Moderate Hill. Uphill Climb.

Steep Hill. Hill Intervals.Click to set LB tag RedditRiders. All times ET. I'm fully connected with the Peloton app, and use my Apple Watch to monitor heart rate. I thought it might be useful to start an owners thread as it's a relatively new bike, and I'm finding very little support for it online. The bike itself is absolutely superb. Build quality surpassed my expectation, and connectivity is straightforward.

I do however have a couple of issues when using third party apps like Peloton. I suppose, if you want the seamless experience, buy the Peloton bike, but as that's just not viable for all and sundry, it would be great to see Peloton make some efforts to bridge the gap slightly for it's app users.

I will raise the above with Peloton and update here if I get a response. I'll endeavour to do the same. This is done 'in-app'. Set your app up, run through the initial tutorial and you will find options to connect to the bike within the app. This took me a frustrating hour or so to discover, so I hope this saves you all some time and annoyance! Special mod request - post pics in this thread of your setup, what you use, how you track metrics etc.

I will add this to thread to the wiki. I think it is great to give people the pros and cons and show what it looks like for folks considering the bike. Has anyone tried this with mPaceline?? I'm not sure it works with it or not. I'd like some verification if possible. There is a free trial, so you don't have to buy it. The bike console does NOT display power.

So maybe y'all want to try it out. Also, since the resistance seems off - if anyone wants to make a conversation chart for resistance, I'd be happy to post in the wiki like we have for Keiser. Welcome Jim! I've been using the IC4 for a little over a month and have found that the resistance seems to be under what the instructor calls out for peloton.

My cadence has been spot on, however if you do pedal backwards at all the bike quits sending data. I forgot I did this early on in a ride and only learned it when I was looking at my results after and everything had dropped off at 3 minutes in.

schwinn ic4 vs peloton resistance conversion

Thanks for this. I thought it was just me. I got the IC4 after doing 80 rides on a Sunny. There is no way I can do the resistance for what the instructor calls. I was worried my bike wasn't set up properly. It's great and I love it but felt like I was starting over. Thanks for this message about the resistance. I ordered my bike, but have now read some people saying they can't get a flat road on their bike.Going to a gym is not the defining reason why people lose weight or manage to get in shape.

It is all about motivation and being driven to succeed. And as more individuals make this connection, they realize it is cheaper and more convenient to exercise at home. Hence the rising popularity of equipment like exercise bikes. Especially when these exercise bikes come with integrated fitness apps.

Now, it is easier than ever to stay on top of your progress without a personal trainer. But where do you start shopping for a good exercise bike? This is exactly what this review will help you with. By comparing two of the best-selling models, namely the Schwinn IC4 vs the Peloton, you are bound to learn several interesting things. For example, the Peloton bike has been dominating the market for a while.

It should be noted that both bikes come highly recommended. In other words, both are very durable and give users different options. More importantly, both can help you burn calories quickly. But your personal taste, along with how much you are willing to spend, is likely to be the deciding factor. The great thing about comparing top-quality exercise bikes is how they establish what you should be looking for.

However, the IC4 model trails incredibly close. Starting with the elements that are shared between the two bikes, compactness is definitely one of them. Neither model takes up too much unnecessary space, and they are easy to set up. In terms of drive, once again, you can depend on both to provide all the drive you require. It is safe to say that the developers of the Peloton paid attention to detail. They know what spinners like, and all the extras, like the on-demand workouts, make the bike more interactive and fun to use.

Plus, the above features do not cover all the factors that help the bike to stand out in the market.Peloton: The More Affordable Bike is…. Affiliate disclosure: To help keep our content free we may earn a commission when you click links on our site and make a purchase.

In recent years, the market has been growing rapidly with more and more new-age exercise bikes being released. Users have become used to the convenience of working out at home without compromising on quality.

Peloton vs Schwinn IC4: How to Pick the Right Bike for You

With a fascinating catalog of live-streamed and on-demand content, modern exercise bikes are a must-have piece of gym equipment. While the Peloton offers a wonderful set of features, it comes at a much higher price tag than some of its contemporaries including Schwinn IC4. This detailed comparison is going to showcase the merits of both exercise bikes and which one is right for your needs. There is a significant difference in prices between the two exercise bikes.

Our top pick for the more affordable bike? Both the Schwinn IC4 and Peloton exercise bikes offer a wonderful catalog of workouts.

schwinn ic4 vs peloton resistance conversion

These workouts are offered using the Peloton app. While the Peloton bike is well-integrated with its app, the Schwinn IC4 is a solid choice as long as you sign up for the membership program.

This means you have to stream everything onto a TV or tablet, which is another cost to consider. Based on this difference, Peloton takes the victory here and stands out when it comes to app integration and access to workout content.

If you opt for the Schwinn, you can still use the Peloton app, but with limited features. The Schwinn IC4 exercise bike is all about affordability, efficiency, and quality.

This bike is a compact, well-designed option that is ideal for modern home gyms without being overwhelming. Whether it is the charming build or the empowering resistance levels, everything about this bike is going to help a rider achieve their fitness goals. The heart of any new-age exercise bike is seen through its drive and the same applies to the Schwinn IC4. In general, this is a powerful pound flywheel drive that offers a smooth, quiet ride in all situations.

Once you are ready to use the bike, it is the dual-link pedals that are going to be noticeable right away. These pedals are uniquely designed, compact, and offer complete versatility during a strenuous workout session. The Schwinn IC4 exercise bike is well-equipped to handle modern technological demands including Bluetooth technology. In a matter of seconds, you can connect your device to the bike and control it through there.

Being able to get more out of an exercise bike always comes down to the amount of resistance on offer. Instead of providing resistance levels and letting users play around with the settings, Schwinn goes the extra mile with its machine. It comes equipped with up to micro levels of resistance allowing users the ability to fully customize the session.


Each rider has a unique set of goals when it comes to getting stronger and fitter using an exercise bike.They are the same model, sold two under different names. Determining Peloton conversion s self. Hi all, new owner. Looking to create my own Peloton conversion chart instead of relying on the ones out there already. I just got my bike and just checked it using both Kinetic on an iPad and Tacx on an Android. I got wildly different results between the two. My concern is that the Kinetic and Tacx scales had massively different ranges.

My Kinetic numbers are just like yours. But Tacx which forces you to pretend that your bike is a model of Tacx trainer showed scales with much bigger ranges, and they were inconsistent between 80RPM and RPM. This is the exact same as mine for my bike. Sometimes it feels too light though. If you were using Kinetic to calculate the numbers, it's not going to be accurate.

Kinetic will calculate the same power number for every bike at the same cadence and resistance. There's no way to get the actual power output without separate power pedals. Does this make sense?

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There's a lot of misinformation floating around about using Kinetic to make conversion charts for this bike, so if that's what you were using, it's probably not correct.

I bought Garmin power pedals and got similar results. I use the Kinetic app to track power output. It really helped me to mentally confirm that was a baseline of zero. OP- I have just learned to adapt when they call out high resistance to do what works for me.

As you say if they call out 50 they want it to feel really heavy.Amy Tokic Last Updated: September 22, If you are in the market for a new exercise bike, two of the biggest players in the game are Peloton and Schwinn.

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Spin bikes have become highly sought after, as more and more people are hopping on the spinning bandwagon after trying a class and realizing how fantastic the workout it is. Peloton has become acutely aware that market competition has increased dramatically since the launch of its at-home bike inand has recently announced some changes to its lineup to make themselves more competitive again. This puts the new bike back into the most expensive position in the competitive pool, but it still has an upper hand due to its huge cult following in the indoor cycling world.

Multimedia Device Holder Check Price. Check Price. To put it simply, the footprint is how much space your bike will take up in a room, and for the most part this shape and style of indoor cycling bike is pretty consistent from brand to brand. Both models come in right around the 4 feet by 2 feet mark. Not so. Both should hold up just fine and allow you to get a great workout in for years to come.

In its earlier guise the discontinued IC3 the biggest stumbling block that Schwinn had was the fact that it was running friction resistance instead of magnetic. At present, that game has changed, as the brand was able to deliver a magnetic resistance system in a more affordable and entry-level indoor cycle.

The Schwinn also runs a heavier flywheel than its competitor, which in turn creates an extra smooth ride and higher range of max resistance. Back to being inherently similar, both of these bikes use a belt drive system connecting the pedals to the flywheel, creating a smooth ride all while limiting noise compared to the chain drive found on actual bicycles. What really sets these two bikes apart is the console.

With the Peloton bike however, you get full workouts streamed right in front of you. This is precisely the selling feature that has garnered Peloton significant attention in the market, and the brand has developed quite the cult following on account of it. Some people are greatly put off by this, so it could cause them to lean away from this bike entirely.

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The million dollar question here is really a matter of what kind of rider you are. Are you a competitive individual that for whom competition is a huge motivator? Have you spent endless hours in indoor cycling classes like SoulCycle, Spin, and others, and are chasing that experience in a home bike? There are two different schools of thought behind these two bikes, and the answers to the above questions will make all the difference.

Yoga, stretching, strength training, cross training, and even new Boot Camp programming is a part of the offering, and users are able to swivel the screen to either side of the bike for a clear view while working out a feature not found on the original Peloton Bike.

The answer to this is a touch more open-ended, because the IC4 can satisfy quite a few needs on a budget.

Schwinn IC4 review: Can this more affordable exercise bike compete with the Peloton?

The self-motivated on-road cyclists will be plenty satisfied here, as the bike is very well constructed and stable. With the IC4 you can also grab your tablet or iPad, and link up to apps like Zwift, and even the Peloton app for a similar experience to the Peloton on a smaller screen. Save my name, email, and location in this browser for the next time I comment.

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How to Pair Apple Watch \u0026 Schwinn IC4 with Peloton App

Learn how your comment data is processed. Footprint To put it simply, the footprint is how much space your bike will take up in a room, and for the most part this shape and style of indoor cycling bike is pretty consistent from brand to brand.