Xps 15 9560 drivers

Log in or Sign up. Tags: driver drivers software xps Is there a particular issue I should look out for because I installed them in the wrong order? Last edited: Jul 31, I recently bought an XPS 15 and haven't had any problems so far. I've been using an iMac for a few years, so I'm a little out of practice with Windows installs. Also I haven't done one on a laptop yet. I'm still getting used to Windows 10, but I want to do a clean install on my XPS, but after reading the various threads on here and some on Reddit, it seems more of a pain in the butt and confusing than it should be on this laptop.

So for the OP, thanks for all the drivers you listed, but I have a few questions. Out of the drivers you mentioned, wouldn't Windows Update just install the latest WHQL drivers available after you first boot? I understand manually installing the Intel and Nvidia drivers, but I would think most of the rest of those would auto install without the need to manually do it.

Im just trying to get a handle on this before I do it. It seems his thread is mainly designed around using his ISO images, but I would rather make a boot image with the latest unaltered build so as to minimize how much windows updates it has to do initially. MaskedCarrotAug 2, At least for the Intel drivers, Windows update currently has a 3 month old broken version flickersince they override the newest version on my machine every 2 weeks withrequiring a reinstall.

I believe Windows update also does not install the latest audio driver either from realtek. The Intel ME driver on win update is outdated as well, which is concerning since it is a mandatory install security issues? Overall I would not trust Windows update to install drivers on a device that I plan on using for work. Intel rst was only beneficial for ssds because it exposed more power saving modes to windows.

Currently it would be better for you to identify your drive and install the correct NVMe driver if they are available.Log in or Sign up. Tags: driver drivers software xps I will try and keep this thread up to date as new drivers come out. Last edited: Aug 15, Generic PnP devices updated Intel display xxx. Coymay90May 22, Drivers have been installed every single of them include bios 1. Streaming video while changing the brightness cause of sound and display freezes.

Intel driver i have tried: xxx. Coymay90May 23, The link for the toshiba ssd guide is wrong, takes you to the freefall driver. Mr XMay 29, Arrgh, DOH! Dell has a v6. Microsoft has recently posted v6. Install v first before updating to v You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - Drivers. Replies: 3 Views: Spartan HIDevolution Jan 10, What drivers you use with m sli?? Replies: 1 Views: At first I thought it was an issue with the CPU, but it just turns out to be a shitty laptop.

I was able to open heavier programs at first, but the longer I used the laptop, the worse it got. At one point, it got so shitty that I even had to switch browsers. The laptop is throttled when it reaches 65 degrees. After the workaround below, my laptop started throttling at around 80 degrees.

For that I want to refer you to ultrabookreview. Douglas Black describes how you can re-apply the thermal paste and make some changes in the software. I applied the workaround to my notebook before taking screenshots of it, so you will have to figure out the first steps yourself. I will try to explain this as best as possible via text. Go to Start and search for Device Manager. Open Device Manager. Go to tab System Devices.

There are several names similar to this. These drivers all have the same Class Guid. Right click one driver and choose Properties. Click on Details and search for Class Guid in the list. Write down the Guid.

XPS 15 9560

Remove all Devices that have Intel Thermal Framework in the name. Right click the driver and click Uninstall device. If we do nothing, the drivers will be reinstalled when you restart your notebook.

So we have to make sure that the drivers are no longer installed.

xps 15 9560 drivers

For this we use the Local Group Policies.So far we seem to have narrowed down the problem to the newest driver A14 being broken. The current solution is to roll back to an older version A07see below for the link. I saw a lot of discussion online about the Waves MaxxAudio enhancement software, but I found that even the basic Realtek driver is crippling the sound quite a bit.

In order to collect proof and make sure I am not fooling myselfI made a couple of recordings while playing white noise, and the results show clearly that the Realtek driver is problematic.

Since we are playing white noise, we expect a more-or-less flat transfer response when we look at the energy versus frequency. Next, I made a recording using the Realtek driver. Audio through this driver sounds very muffled, with too much low-end. This is clearly reflected in the measurement result:. Finally, I also performed a measurement using the Realtek driver and MaxxAudio switched on but with the EQ in the neutral setting, and Maxxbass, Details and Width at the lowest possible settings.

The graph shows that MaxxAudio does not make the situation better. From the above we can conclude that the Realtek driver cripples the audio output quite significantly, even when all audio enhancements are switched off.

Dell XPS 15 RAM and SSD Hard Drive DIY Upgrade

As an audio expert and enthusiast I think this is unacceptable, and does not reflect the quality standards Dell stands for. Therefore, you're stuck with the Realtek driver if you want to use Spotify, for example.

However, this solution is not for me, because the energy management of this driver constantly switches the audio interface on and off, yielding very loud pops through my headphones. So Dell, I really urge you to look into this. Are there more people experiencing bad sound quality with the Realtek drivers?

Do you want a solution as well? Edit: here's a link to the A13 driver and the link to the newest one - A Thank you erpster Installing the newest driver A14 actually re-introduced the problem! It really starts to look like the most recent Realtek driver s are broken. Pretty annoying!Other links. Create a New Topic. In Game-Ready Drivers. Community subscriber. Update avatar.

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xps 15 9560 drivers

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Filters 2. Mark as read. Announcing GeForce Hotfix Driver GeForce Wagnard Zicchys Green tint with night light. Can we get a clearer definition of GPU monitoring software? FUNtasticOne Cloiselle1 Vertical scan " interlacing " lines on all monitors.

Blackbird 6. Nvidia Profile Inspector not working anymore.? NET Framework Error. AmigaWolf 0.

xps 15 9560 drivers

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GTX1050 (Dell XPS 15 9560) Not Detected cant Install Drivers

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xps 15 9560 drivers

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